London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Preview

Wednesday I had the enormous opportunity to participate at the technical rehearsal of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony which is, now after seeing it, undoubtedly the biggest show of the humanity every four years.
I gladly share with you the facts that are anyway out in press (British especially) of the very near future 🙂 I can tell you it’s going to be very….British (not a scoop) 🙂 and at the same time absolutely fabulous. Under any circumstances. Do not miss it tonight!
No photos yet as we were all asked to #savethesurprise, but I’ll post plenty after.

The London 2012 Opening ceremony is a creation of the world famous “Slumdog Millionaire” director Mr Danny Boyle. The ceremony’s theme is “Isles of Wonder” inspired by William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.

First part of the Ceremony is Ancient Britain – “green and pleasant land”: the entire stadium is a huge farm with real animals (horses, sheeps, chickens, etc), windmills, peple sow or collect wheat, sheep grazing or playing. White clouds get around the farm continuously. There are ancient (1800 like) cricket players, football players (like the mobbing fashion: they all incredible stop like in a picture shot when the goalie gets the ball)

Yellow zorbs are rolling from top of the stadium on top of spectators hands and heads! Leds devices play unbelievable lightning show. The whole stadium is like a 3D led screen! Each seat has such a device!

At 20:12, the real things begin. Olympic Rings might be drawn on the sky by planes.

A young singer from Manchester plays nice ballads close to the life green tree.

World is coming in live through broadcasting (what you will all see on TV) with a modern flight over the entire UK and London’s symbols to end up in a countdown where else but in the Olympic Stadium. The entire world is now connected! The sound is just unbelievable…you just get chills up your spine and chicken skin. The stadium has probably the most remarkable sound structure in the world at this moment. The ceremony is fully broadcasted in 3D and with the top sound tech at our time! I can only say that real life is not any more real. This is truly surreal being there! Probably TV won’t be the same but being here in the stadium is rather like being in the movie 🙂

Next is the Industrial Britain! Everything just changes in a couple of minutes from the green and pleasant land to the “dark satanic mills” – including unemployed protesters from the Depression, miners and factory workers! There is a massive moment when 5 huge circles (they sit on top of the stadium at the beginning of the show and nobody think they can move..well they can!) which unite in a huge industrial steel operation and under masssssssive music. DO not miss this under any circumstances…seeing the entire show…this is definitely top three memorable! Follows a huge fire cascading.

H.M. Queen Elizabeth and Jacques Rogge are coming in for short speeches. This year it is Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (60 years since she became queen) and yesterday she’s just returned from a huge travel around the country to honor her people on this extraordinary achievement.

Then the tribute the health service (NHS) and ill children. This phase, I would say, it’s well known by Brits but less knows for the rest of us. The scenario is performed by the nurses from Great Ormond Street Hospital, the first pediatric hospital in UK which is today a huge charity project (this hospital is the recipient of authors rights for Peter Pan! – as offered by the author itself in 1929).

National anthem is performed by a choir of deaf children!!! This is highly emotional while the UK flag is carried and then raised by Royal Air Force, Marines and Navy.

There is a showdown of Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter) and plenty of Mary Poppins are falling from the sky. Beautiful music is performed live by Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells and many other knows of his songs), Gotan Project with tambourines (reaaaally entertaining!) and London Symphonic orchestra with a classical version of “Chariots of fire”

Modern England here I am! Fourth part of the show is there.

What else but a Mini Cooper brings in a British TV well know star in a typical british contemporary house and family. Life as it is..bath of images and music, clips from famous movies and most famous british rock, pop or disco history. Songs blaring from the stadium range from The Beatles and the Sex
Pistols to Dizzee Rascal and Tinie Tempah and the theme tunes of the Archers and Dr Who, Queen, Annie Lennox, etc Dancing and Happpinness all over the stage!

There is one minute of remembering of people who are not with us…memory of ancient tragic events especially during the Olympics…their faces are meanwhile running on the huge screens

World class modern dancers of Akram Khan (yes he was in Luxembourg almost once a year) perform mystical dance under celtic wonderful solo music. Another emotional moment just before the Athetes from all over the world commmmmmming in!

Muhammed Ali and David Beckham are also rumored to be taking part in the ceremony, having both flown into London this week.

Over ten thousands of volunteers (like me 🙂 yuppi!) take part into this show.

There will be plenty of other moments which are kept under a very very strict secret J like for the example the Olympic flame moment. There are for the moment 4 scenarios and THE one will only be chosen moments before the opening so that it preserves the secret as much as possible. Not event the LOCOG CEO (Sebastian Coe) does not know the way the flame will be lighted. Until now at least 🙂

Anyway, don’t miss it tomorrow on TV. It’s gonna be a massive, fabulous and gorgeous show of the entire humanity. I can really tell you I’m so happy to be born on this planet! Never appreciated it so much before!


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