Harshness of the Enterprise Search Solutions

Une très intéressante analyse de Stephen E Arnold suite aux grands acquisitions du marché en fin de l’année dernière (HP a acheté Autonomy et Oracle a acheté Endeca) que je vous invite tous à lire.

Main conclusions :

  • Whatever the search solution, the users never embraced trully one or truly satisfied..still don’t find what they look for.
  • Cost control is really inexistent. Open end costs for enterprise search solutions. Search and semantics are getting always more complicated and more costly…not what a manager or a user wishes.
  • Social behavior: it is easier to ask someone for information than search, browse, discover, or interpret jazzy charts to get it.”
  • Good thing is that innovation (in accessing and retrieving information) will continue: « innovation will continue because search, content processing, and the hot sectors like semantics run into the mercurial characteristics of language” 🙂

Read the entire analysis:


Thanks Stephen E Arnold!

If you have an Enteprise Architecture or a Portal project I fully advise you to read the RealStory group reports on Enterprise Architecture solutions: http://www.realstorygroup.com/Reports/Search/ and Portal Solutions:  http://www.realstorygroup.com/Reports/Portals/

They will cost you something like 2-3 days of consultance but they are really comprehensive. Very useful for SWOT, TCO or aquisition analysis.


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