MVP predictions for SharePoint in 2011

In the recent article of Dan Holme, I found a very interesting selection of various MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) predictions for SharePoint in 2011. Here are the ones I selected:

  •  “Choosing a partner that understands how to properly architect cloud based SharePoint applications will make all the difference when it comes to properly securing data while also creating extensible and supportable systems.”  Todd Baginski
  • “As everyone starts to do their 2010 migrations with their freshly minted 2011 budgets demand for the best talent will be tight. “ Rob Bogue
  • “It’s also good that the training resources are better than they’ve ever been so it will be easier to educate internal staff – if you remembered that budget line. “ Rob Bogue
  • “2011 is going to be the year we point to for when SharePoint in the cloud really got its start. Office 365 (currently in beta) is amazing and it is going to spread like wildfire in 2011. “ David Mann
  • “I predict that companies will begin to take stock of their software expenses and decide to start their migrations based on business value and not on “new and shiny” like they did for the 2003 to 2007 upgrade. I predict that one driving factor in these decisions will be a focus on search (or, more correctly, findability).” Matt McDermott
  • “Companies will quickly realize that SharePoint is at the heart of all things Microsoft these days and SharePoint 2010 adoption will take off! Therefore, there will be a great need for SharePoint training and consulting.” Asif Rehmani
  • “2011 is the year we see Office365.” Darrin Bishop

But I strongly invite you to read the whole article (7-8 minutes reading):


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