Tools from partners present at the SharePoint Connections 2010 in Den Haag

SharePoint Connections 2010, Den Haag, 28-29 September 2010

Interesting and useful tooling I found from partners present at this conference:

  • HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff ( ) helps you automate the process of compliance testing and guarantees you that your content is following well established policies. It covers 5 important areas:
    •  Invasion of privacy – ensures that corporate sensitive information or personal data like passwords, credit cards, health records, etc are not published to sites, documents or email.  Checks various privacy protection acts and decisions (EU directives & US acts on privacy, health & children privacy acts like COPPA & GLBA, etc)
    • Accesibility compliance – WCAG (1.0 & 2.0), Common look & feel (CLF), XML accessibility Guidelines (XAG)
    • Social networking content policy enforcement (e.g. inappropriate language).
    • Brand Integrity & Site Quality (e.g. multiple logos & formats, etc)
    • Operational Security Breach (compliance with OPSEC guidelines)
  • Aptimize (; )  is an ISAPI filter  which speeds up the display of web pages in the client browser by collecting and shrinking into a single file all the dependent resources needed by the display of that page. (css, images, javascripts, etc). It also provides different options of dynamic or progressive display of your web page. The editors (AP) also provide users with a very useful free performance analysis tool. When run against one website page, it displays processing time as well as the sequence of all components called by that page and in parallel it simulates the behavior of that page in case Aptimize would be used to render that page..
  • Powershell references and scripts:
  • SharePoint Performance Manager from Idera (– allows you analyze and manage performance issues across multiple SharePoint farms from infrastructure level and up to the page display time.  Idera provides also a very nice free tool called SharePoint Performance Monitor allowing you to identify possible performance bottlenecks in your SharePoint sites (check more on the web)
  • Powershell tooling & resources:
  • Business connectivity services (BCS) tooling:
  • Windows Phone tooling:
  • Mindjet MindMap 9.0 with SharePoint add-in: gives you the ability to visualize content from Sharepoint in a Mind Manager map. (
  • Keep alive job utility from Andrew Connell ( AC’s SharePoint 2010 Site Collection Keep Alive Job Utility (v1.1 – Updated June 7, 2010) for site warm-up : to be used before demos and presentations or for testing purposes.
  • MAPILab – Reporting tool for SharePoint and Exchange :

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