Feedback from SharePoint Connections 2010

After participating to SharePoint Connections 2010, Den Haag, 28-29 September 2010 and to the Pre conference session on Business Connectivity Services I’ve finally succeeded in puting order to my notes and post them all here on my blog. Over all it was a very interesting event focused on SharePoint 2010 features but with comparative insights to SharePoint 2007. We had a bunch of top speakers mostly from US as well as many Microsoft partners presenting really interesting tools for SharePoint 2010 and MOSS 2007. Check it out below. Slides of the session will be availble soon on the Conference web site.

Sessions plan and schedule:

Sessions slides as uploaded by speakers:

My notes for the sessions I followed:

Tools from partners present at the SharePoint Connections 2010 in Den Haag

Information Architecture and the Managed Metadata Service: A to Z (MIT13) – my notes

Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications for SharePoint 2010 (MDV08)- mynotes

Incorporating Managed Metadata in Custom Solutions (MDV11) – my notes

Architecting and Managing Virtual- ized SharePoint 2010 Farms (MIT09) – my notes

Creating Content-Centric Sites with SharePoint 2010 Web Content Management (MNC04) – my notes

Windows PowerShell Crash Course for SharePoint Administrators (MIT07) – my notes

Creating Search-Based Solutions with SharePoint 2010 (MDV03) – my notes

Creating a Rich Business Application with the Managed Client Object Models in SharePoint 2010 (MDV01) – my notes

SharePoint & the Cloud: Pushing the Boundaries (KEYNOTE) – my notes

Business Connectivity Services Deep Dive (MDVWRK1) – my notes (1 full day Pre Conference Session)


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