Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications for SharePoint 2010 (MDV08)- mynotes

SharePoint Connections 2010, Den Haag, 29 September 2010

Session: MDV08: Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications for SharePoint 2010 (MDV08)

Speaker: PAUL STUBBS (

  • Globally Web parts are not rendered but only content is rendered on the mobile from a SharePoint site.
  • If you wish to render web parts content, use Mobile web part adapters:
    • Renders alternate view
    • Lookup in browser.compat config file
    • Supported in SharePoint Foundation
    • Use Microsoft.SharePoin.WebpartPages.MobileAdapter
    • Override CreateControlForDetailView()
  • Applications supported on Windows Phone:
    • Silverlight (business applications)
      • Modern XAML/event driven application UI framework
    • XNA (games)
  • Capabilities of the Phone (features writable against SharePoin)
    • Input
      • Touch
      • Hardware buttons
    • Media
      • Digital media capture&playback
      • Media Library access
    • Data
      • Isolated Storage
      • LINQ
    • .NET
      • Superset of Silverlight 3.0
      • WCF (SOAP and REST services)
    • Phone Access
      • Integrated access to phone UI
      • Sensors, camera, microphone
      • Picker for contact and photos
    • Integrated with could Services
      • App deployment & updates
      • Notifications (very important for mobile services)
      • Location
      • XBOX live
  • Authentication to SharePoint is an issue for development on mobile phones
    • The phone DOES NOT SUPPORT windows authentication yet but only Forms based authentication
    • Forms based authentication
      • Supported very easily through claims provider in SharePoint 2010
      • Provider neutral: SQL, LDAP
      • Solution: forms authentication provider can be set to LDAP and so the users will be still use the same username and password as the one in active directory
  • Windows Phone tips for SharePoint
    • Only supports Forms Based Authentication sites in SharePoint
    • FedAuth Cookie is HTTPOnly
    • Pass along in a CookieContainer: set enableHttpCookieContainer on binding. One you have it (after authentication) always pass your CookieContainer with any list call you initiate.
    • Authentication.asmx not compatible with Service Reference in Visual Studio: use instead HttpWebRequest
    • Access to list web services works fine.
  • Phone tools are working for Windows 7 only – phone development machine needs to be on Windows 7 (if you start the phone emulator in a server it will reboot L )
  • Check slides for a development environment schema
  • Tooling
    • download all tools and emulators
    • Download SharePoint 2010 Developer VHD (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, SharePoint Enterprise with Fast, etc)
  • Run your App on a Phone for tests: Matthijs Hoekstra ( )

2 Responses to Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications for SharePoint 2010 (MDV08)- mynotes

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  2. Paul Beck says:

    Hi Razvan-Petru,

    Hope you well, I didn’t go to this session but I’ve been playing with Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone. It’s awsome, so easy for C# developers. MS have some great resources on channel 9.

    Are you coming to SP best practices conf in London in April?


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