SharePoint & the Cloud: Pushing the Boundaries (KEYNOTE) – my notes

SharePoint Connections 2010, Den Haag, 28 September 2010

Session: SharePoint & the Cloud: Pushing the Boundaries (KEYNOTE)

Speaker: Steve Fox, Microsoft

  • 5.6B$ opportunities for SharePoint worldwide at this time out of which 19% of which for Europe out of which ~ 100/200M$ for NL
  • 300+ partners running at the moment SharePoint 2010 projects
  • User experience demo: build Excel file with data from an SQL db, save it on SharePoint, use data on the ‘live’ Excel file saved on SharePoint into a PowerPoint presentation – reuse of raw data!
  • Pulling data in SharePoint from other external systems and give the users the SharePoint experience while the IT Pro can control the access to these external data in the Central Admin – usage of Business Connectivity Services (BCS)
  • Visual Studio 2010 has the ability to build a SharePoint solution using SharePoint templates and deploy it on the server (the whole process)
  • SharePoint as a Platform a viable solution for Cloud Applications
  • Demo using Excel and Word services, auto-generating documents which pull data out from the SharePoint site
  • 2010 Forrester Crucial areas of dev for companies in the order of importance: application integration, workflows, UI, Social networking
  • SharePoint 2010 examples of sites : Constellation Energy, RAI
  • WCM: Pages are based on SHTML -> standard compliance!
  • Workflows built graphically in Visio then imported to SharePoint Designer and the deployed on the server: at the document level, on the Workflow page (given the workflow was activated) you can see the graphical visualization of the workflow like in Visio including the status of the workflow- graphically showing which step of the workflow are done.
  • Demo Broadcasting a PowerPoint presentation using the SharePoint Server. The user only access a known URL and the PowerPoint presentation runs in its browser.
  • SharePoint Online
    • Sandbox solutions can be an opportunity to move to the cloud
    • Gartner previsions: “by 2012, 20% of business will not own any IT assets and 80% of business will use  some cloud computing services”
  • Tooling: plenty of resources for SharePoint 2010:

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